Saturday, December 5, 2015

The End of All Things

Hey guys!  I can't really believe that this class is over already, and I will definitely miss it and all of you a ton!  I know there was a lot of cheese going on Thursday, but really though--it's been a great class.

Anyway, this week my German professor asked us to write a few pages about how we are going to use what we had learned in our careers and our futures, and I thought it was ridiculous at first.  I'm an English/Theatre major; German is never going to help me with anything!  But as I wrote, I realized more and more how much that class will help me in real life career settings.  It expanded my English grammar comprehension, expanded my vocabulary, and taught me some really good tongue-twisters for warm ups!

So, now I ask you all: how will you use what you've learned in this class in the real world?  We all come from diverse majors, but I think we could all pull something from this that would help us in our careers.  I know personally this class has made me see patterns in my own poetry that echo the exact things that I dislike in certain poems of Tolkien's.  This allows me to look more critically at my poetry and make changes I might not have known to make before.  How about you?

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Vairë said...

I will say that the particularly useful idea of the stew metaphor will aid me in explaining the importance of interdisciplinarity in the future, as I may follow the path of a teacher. It is certainly a wonderful teaching tool on its own as well.