Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gollum's classification as good or evil could send a man to prison!

Alright, everyone. This links to a story questioning whether Gollum is a good character or a bad character. We have discussed this in class before, briefly, but what do you think about all this? Did this doctor insult the Turkish head of state by associating him with Gollum (please note the doctor mentions not to include appearance in this evaluation).

Is Gollum more good? Is he more evil?
Is he the real hero?

Now Argue.

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Nienna said...

Lack of free speech in other nations simply blows my mind. Can you imagine how many people we would have to throw into jail for saying something offensive about our president? It would be insane. So, aside from the fact that free speech is incredibly important and I cringe at its denial, the question of Gollum is interesting. He is certainly an ambiguous character, but I don't think a comparison toward Gollum can really be construed as a good thing. I mean he is a murderer, a traitor, deceiving, and overall not a good character. There is some nuance here, but I think overall he is definitely not good. If someone compared me to Gollum I would certainly be offended. I still feel awful for the man who may go to jail for this, but the law is the law.