Monday, November 30, 2015

Who really had the journey?

I talked with one of our classmates about who Lord of the Rings is really about. I advocated it is about Frodo, his journey, his success/failure (insert class argument here) while he insisted the story was about Sam. He made some decent points:

  • Sam is the only non-main character who is present from beginning to end
  • Without Sam, Frodo would not have made it to Mt. Doom
  • Sam sees people more realistically
  • Sam's carefulness makes the journey successful
I personally don't think there is quite enough evidence to support this, but apparently it is a huge debate! Maybe not huge, but there are dedicated websites, notably supports Samwise Gamgee is the Lord of the Rings' main character.

What do you think? Frodo or Sam? Someone else?

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Oromë said...

I definitely consider Frodo the main character, although for me, the main problem with calling Frodo the main character is that the majority of the hobbits' journey in Mordor is told exclusively through Sam's point of view. The reason I will always claim Frodo is the main character though is because regardless of Sam's contributions to the overall success of the quest, the story progresses based on the actions and decisions of Frodo. He is the ring-bearer; he chose to leave the Fellowship; he chose Gollum as a guide; and (regardless of whether or not he ultimately failed or succeeded) it is because of Frodo only that the ring was destroyed. Sam is a significant character, in part, because he provides a lens through which to view the events and other characters in the story. However, he is not the center of the action, nor does he drive the plot forward. He may have played an important role in the completion of the quest, but he is not the main character.