Friday, November 6, 2015

Favorite of the Valar

I know it’s been quite a while since we read the Silmarillion, but I recently had an idea for a post (mostly to meet my quota)- Who is your favorite of the Valar? Try not to pick yourself but if you are just that awesome it’s okay.

My favorite is Mandos- Judge of the Dead and Master of Doom. I picked him because among the rest of the Valar he seems to be one of the more impartial and sage characters. When comparing the Valar to other mythologies, like Roman or Greek, he would be the common choice for the ‘villain,’ yet he shows that his nature is not cruel or inherently bad- just fair. Also, he totally initiates the sequence of events that allow Beren and Lúthien to be together- which, to be honest, everyone was hoping that would happen.

One scene that really speaks out in my mind was the instance where the Valar decide to summon the Elves to Aman and when they ask Mandos’ opinion he just says, “So it is doomed”- that’s pretty badass.


Nessa said...

Of all of the Valar, I like Yavanna the best because she is a bit sassy, and I appreciate the woods more than rock and stone as well. I think she is a good balance of wise and determined. I would choose Varda, but she seems too distant—too withdrawn and high. Yavanna feels nearer and more tangible. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I feel like in an alternate universe, Yavanna would be the one walking the Earth, who could be found among the trees, while Varda would be withdrawn within her castle, gazing at the stars or pondering the lives of Men and Elves far away.

Lórien said...

Well Melkor is a pretty cool guy...

Seriously though, I think I would have to agree with Nessa. Yavanna is my favorite of the Valar. She created the Ents, who are the embodiment of wisdom and respect for nature. Yavanna also created the Two Trees and is responsible for much of what is truly beautiful in all of Arda. Also, she takes action and helps make the sun and the moon after Ungoliant destroys the light of the trees. Many of the Valar were ready to give up and let Arda be covered in darkness forever.

If I had to pick a second it would be Ulmo. He is kind of a lone wolf and very mysterious. However, he ultimately does everything based on what is right. He always brought important information that could have changed many outcomes but most of the time nobody listened to him.