Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tolkien's Approval on Music: Is it worth it?

We associate Norse, Viking, and Anglo cultures with the realm of Middle-earth. We all have our own opinions on the "rigid" music composed by Swan. Christine said perhaps we mis-associate cultures regarding the music, and perhaps that is true.

But what is harder, still, to accept is that Tolkien's works center a lot on Norse Myth. We look at Snorri, Beowulf, Old-English poetry, and we can find so much relation, and that is what Tolkien studied, loved, and used to write a majority of his stories. To be honest, this makes me question what sort of authority Tolkien has in terms of music. Does he have any? Because the compositions we listened to in class would suggest he doesn't. The music he chose is not as great as his stories or his images/paintings. Nor the words that make up the songs.

I think the biggest questions I have are these: Does Swan's work fit with your expectations of Middle-earth, even without movie-score bias? Do we really care that Tolkien approved it? What other ways could this have been executed?

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