Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Hobbit Cover Art

This is our cover art from class today, we were given the images of Rivendell and the Elvenking's Gate. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo.


Varda said...

My favorite aspects of this "cover" are the written words and the mountains in the background. The central table portion takes up most of the area, and yet it is the words and the mountains which create true balance to the cover. Not only is the "font" type completely awesome to use for a cover of a Tolkien work, but the bordering and artwork in the bottom of the cover captures Tolkien's style while also providing a bit of extra flare. I think the movement of this cover is splendid, and I enjoyed listening to the explanation of it!

Nessa said...

I thought that the idea behind this piece was very interesting! I liked the way that the group combined two somewhat unrelated ideas in the book. By placing the table in the mountains, it gave me a sense of that constant nagging feeling that Bilbo gets throughout his journey: that longing for home and pipe and good, hearty food. As he grows weary and discouraged, it is the memory of and desire for better times that seems to keep him going and sustain him. Elrond's table is what gets him ready for his quest, but it is also where he prepares to return home.

Ulmo said...

I really enjoyed the movement of this piece! The perspective that they chose to use directed the eye up and towards the title and the ever-present mountains. With the table and all of its settings being one color, it was hard to distinguish between the individual items on the table (the medium used for drawing probably contributed to this), but it also made for a nice, flowing image. Finally, the blue of the mountains and the orange of the table and settings are complementary colors (again, this may have happened because of the lack of available colors) and this contrast I think also adds to the smoothness of movement.