Thursday, October 22, 2015

Swann's music favorite?

Even though in class today we all seemed to be mostly in agreement that Swann's music did not match our vision of what Tolkien's world warranted, which of the songs did you..

-- Enjoy the most?
-- Considered the most successful in adding to Tolkien's world?


Varda said...

My favorite song was the one about walking through the willows. While I did not particularly like any of the songs because they don't really fit what I thought Tolkien was going for, this song reminds me of essentially any song ever associated with a Disney villain. The sharp, deep melody of the song makes me think less of nature and more of treachery and deceitfulness. This is the only song I could really relate to because I felt as though none of the songs fit Tolkien's works or were particular interesting.

Nienna said...

The song I think I enjoyed the most was The Road Goes Ever On. It is also the song I find the most successful in adding to Tolkien's world. First, I think it is the most bearable. It is short and sweet. The voice is the most pleasant compared to the others. Additionally, the chords in the piano are not as jarring and dissonant in this song. They fit the spoken word better than the other songs. Also, I think it emphasizes the importance of the journey. This idea is hugely important in Tolkien's world. This song trails off at the end after singing about how the road goes ever on, which I think emphasizes the never-ending journey so important in Tolkien's works.

Arien said...

The song I enjoyed the most would probably be "The Fire Upon the Hearth is Red". Unfortunately the Swann bashing is still prevalent here, I didn't enjoy his performance at all. However the lyrics along with the general song progression have some potential to become a fun drinking campfire-esque song. A little fiddle playing to replace the piano and give it a more folky feel and leave most of the work up to the singer and a natural singing voice.

Nessa said...

I also like "The Road Goes Ever On," for a few reasons. Firstly, it was the first song I listened to, and thus I had not yet pushed his voice into the background of my thought. More importantly, however, I feel that the first one puts into new perspective the culture of the Hobbits. I wonder if, in away, the pompousness of the song reflects the pompous culture of the hobbits. In a way it sounds much too formal, like a song sung for a wealthy audience at an 18th century ball, but then the Hobbits are a bit old-fashioned. Also, of course, as Nienna said: it is short and painless--unlike the second song which just hurts my soul a little bit.

Manwë said...

Out of all the songs I think my favorite was also "In The Willow-meads of Tasarinan." I liked this one because it was more 'dark' in a sense and that feeling fit more with what I imagine Middle-earth and the story of The Lord of the Rings to be like. I also just liked the piano more in this piece than in the other songs. We mentioned in class that the type of piano in most of these songs, especially those about the elves, is not really what we generally associate with the elves- though that might be due to living in the 'post-Jackson' world.