Thursday, October 29, 2015

Research Projects

On Tuesday, I heard so many awesome ideas being thrown out from people's research topics that I wanted to open our projects up for more discussion here. 

Did you have a favorite topic that someone else chose, or was there one that really stood out to you or made you think? What were your reactions to the projects in general, yours or others'? In my opinion, there were too many great ideas happening to properly discuss them in one class!

For example: I really enjoyed hearing about the Ringwraith project and how the Nine were a representation of a moral vacuum. Though I hadn't thought about that before, it made a lot of sense to me and made me consider how even physically, the Wraiths are a "vacuum": they don't have forms or bodies of their own and they exist in what seems to be a twilit dimension or state muddied between the light and the dark. Neither living nor dead, the only thing they know is the Ring and its Master. 


Estë said...

I really enjoyed hearing about everyone’s projects too- Nathan’s analysis of the moral status of the Ringwraiths was interesting and something I’d never thought of before. I was also really fascinated to hear about Sarah’s research on horses and Eli’s research on trees in Middle-earth. Shadowfax was always an awesome part of the books for me and of course the magic, beauty, and power of the trees and the natural world was huge for Tolkien.
I have to say my favorite to hear about though was Jess’s research of Tolkien’s languages. That he created a language with the sole purpose of having a language to derive his others from is so incredible. I also love the idea that language can be traced back to before the fall of Babel. Tolkien’s complex influences just keep getting more interesting, in my opinion. What an incredible scholar and creator.

Lórien said...

I think the thing I enjoyed most about the research projects was the variety of ideas. It is really a testament to the wealth of information and deeply fleshed out ideas in Tolkien's Legendarium, that we were all able to come up with completely different topics. They were all very focused and specific which was even more incredible, granted some of the projects were related but even when similar themes and disciplines were selected each person was able to analyze it in a completely different way. I think my favorite project however was Brian's. I loved his discussion of Nietzsche and Tolkien and their similarities and differences. I wish their was time to see everyone's projects in their entirety.