Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More Hobbit Cover Art

Art by Ryann, Emily, Christine, and Pablo from class yesterday! The Hobbiton, Hill and Bag End group, I think.


Nienna said...

I really liked this illustration! I thought the idea to have the winding path, consistent with Tolkien's art, placed within a hobbit hole was very creative. This definitely gave the feel that adventure can be found in the most unexpected of places. It demonstrates that although adventure seems far off it all begins in the most comfortable of places. If we only leave that comfort we will open the door to an entirely new experience. Well done.

Ossë said...

This one was one of my favorites! I thought it was a nice way to show "There and Back Again." I like that the picture shows the scope of the story; it starts in Bilbo's home and leads to the Lonely Mountain and Smaug. On a side note, I also like how the second part of the title interrupts the bottom of the circle.

Ulmo said...

I liked this illustration the most. The Hobbit-style door in the foreground opening to show adventure unfolding captured the feeling of the book and would be intriguing to somebody judging the book by its cover. The artistry was very good too, with a nice even circle and accurate depiction of the round open door, along with the steep mountains and bright dragon in the background.