Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all!

This weekend, when watching Halloween movies with friends, we got into a debate over whether or not The Lord of the Rings should be included in the discussion of which movies to watch.  The boys argued that The Lord of the Rings movies should be on the list of Halloween movies because of the inclusion of Orcs/Goblins.  They then added that people dress up as Elves and Wizards for Halloween all the time, which makes movies with Wizards and Elves Halloween-appropriate.

First of all, I was curious what you all think: is this a good enough argument for calling The Lord of the Rings series "Halloween-appropriate?"

Secondly, do you think children dress up as Wizards and Elves because of The Lord of the Rings or video games or Arthurian legend?  How has Tolkien changed our perspective on what Wizards/Elves look like and are?

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Varda said...

I think Halloween appropriate is a separate argument from whether not the Lord of the Rings franchise can be considered Halloween movies. If we are to follow the logic that a film which involves scary creatures or inspiration for Halloween costumes can be a Halloween movie, then essentially any popular film can be considered a Halloween movie. Orcs are perhaps more terrifying than, for example, any Disney villain, but that does not necessarily hold true for young children. Does this mean that Sleeping Beauty is a Halloween movie because it involves Maleficent?

On the other hand, one can also argue that, through my logic, it is bizarre for every horror movie to be considered around Halloween because they are not all strictly themed Halloween movies. Perhaps a Halloween movie should be characterized as any movie which induces fear and inspires Halloween spirit. If the LOTR franchise provides for you the creepy factor and holiday spirit that Hocus Pocus provides for me, why can't it be a Halloween movie?