Friday, October 30, 2015

Council Prep

In anticipation of Tuesday's Council of Elrond, what will you do to prepare for class? Will you go beyond the Lord of the Rings texts for inspiration for your character? I believe it will be an interesting exercise in understanding a character's point of view and conveying it accordingly. Will anybody dress up or role play? I am looking forward to the exercise and seeing what everyone comes up with!


Vana said...

I am going to try and read more deeply into my character in the novels. I fear that my presentation of my character will be heavily influenced by the movies simply because it is easier to understand a character that is presented to you in that way.

Ossë said...

My character doesn't appear very much in the novels, and like Vana, I have the feeling the movies are going to have a big influence. I'll most likely search the Appendices and the Unfinished Tales for more information. I really like the idea for the exercise, though. It's unlike anything I've had to do for my other classes, and I think it's a great way to get us thinking about the situation and events leading to the Council.