Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tolkien’s Choices in The Silmarillion

In class yesterday, your exercise asked you to select an action or event from specific chapters you were assigned. Now, choose any event or action from any chapter in The Silmarillion and construct an alternative narrative for it here. Post your alternative narrative or idea for an alternative as well as discuss what it suggests about the differences between the choices Tolkien made.


Nessa said...

Chapter 11
Then Manwe bade Yavanna and Nienna to put forth all their powers of growth and healing; and they put forth all their powers upon the Trees. But the tears of Nienna availed not to heal their mortal wounds; and for a long while Yavanna sang alone in the shadows. Yet not even Yavanna’s song could bring life into the Trees, for Ungoliant’s poison had fulfilled its goal to completion, and all life had left the two givers of light, for they were beyond aid and healing. Then, in her despair, Yavanna called out to Iluvatar, and her voice carried to him, and he had compassion on her. And even as hope failed and her song faltered, Iluvatar caused Telperion to bear at last upon a leafless bough one great flower of silver, and Laurelin a single fruit of gold.

Arien said...

As Arien was set upon her course at the behest of the Valar, Morgoth was dismayed by the terrible splendor with which she cast her light upon Middle-earth. Morgoth was forced to retreat to the deepest crevasse of Angbad to escape the light of Arien. He was filled with a great and terrible rage at the thought of of the one fire spirit to have ever defied him shining above hindering his conquest. Thus he expelled more of his malignant essence into a new evil servant. A vast beast of dark flame, a Balrog as the children of Illuvitar would call it, was sent to attack Arien when she passed out of the sight of Valinor. A great battle ensued sending tails of flame shooting across the skies. Morgoth's beast was no match for Arien though and after hearing the news of her victory the Valar saw the greatness of their new light to the world. Morgoth had spent much of his strength to create this beast and had lost it all with its defeat by Arien.