Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tolkien's Art

     For today's exercise, one of the pieces I chose was Cove Near the Lizard (p. 25); it stood out to me as different from many of the other pieces in the first chapter because rather than a peaceful nature scene or sketch of a quaint building, this piece depicted a choppy sea and imposing cliffs.

     The three elements that I saw in this piece were Texture, Value, and Shapes. The shapes in the piece are all organic, but their textures put them in contrast with one another. The rocks and cliffs are given more hard, defined edges or faults, whereas the water is denoted by the curved, softer shapes of waves and spray. But even these opposing textures mesh, because it is clear that the water is stormy rather than peaceful, and both the rocks and the water could harm the unwary up close. Value is also important in this black and white piece; white or light grey is used throughout as an indicator of light and where light it falling across the scene from and also gives better shape and movement to the water. With that said, the main principle I identified here was Movement, mostly of the waves but also of sky where it is more subtle.

     Did this piece stand out to anyone else? What piece(s) of art from the reading spoke to you the most, and why?

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