Monday, September 28, 2015

Bill Sticker

      For my research topic on Thursdays class I chose to investigate a rather off handed remark the author made about Bill Stickers. In my research I found out that ‘Bill Stickers’ was the villain of a long-running Tolkien family epic- these never recorded tales were only oral in transmission and featured the hero Major Road Ahead and his everlasting struggle to persecute Bill Stickers. Bill
Stickers was actually a reference to a joke in 1960s England that came about when the government tried to stop people from putting up posters (these people being bill stickers)- someone put up a poster that added the phrase “Bill Stickers is innocent”- therefore turning a phrase into a name. It is presumed that Tolkien saw this at some point and made up his own stories featuring such ‘characters.’

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Vana said...

This is such a fun story! I think I just skimmed over Bill Stickers as unimportant, but I'm glad it caught your eye.