Monday, September 14, 2015

Alternate Silmarillion

This is a post about the alternate endings and additions we made to our sections from The Silmarillion on Tuesday. I feel like we adequately discussed our thoughts and the reasons Tolkien chose not to go with these particular routes. However, I really want to focus on the part of the prompt that mentioned writing in Tolkien's style. This is my attempt at emulating Tolkien's style in the Silmarillion. I would welcome feedback both on the content and the nearness to Tolkien's writing style.

As a background, this is a rewrite of the portion of the story that involves Maedhros and Maglor's attack on the remnants of Gondolin and the kin of Earendil. Also, it will touch on the subsequent fall of Morgoth and the recapturing of the Silmarils. I've tried to focus on the ideas of the oath and of fate and doom. I will make a separate post on my thoughts on fate and doom in Tolkien's writing. Feel free to disagree with my opinions regarding these subjects, but the other post may serve as a better thread for discussing ideas mostly pertaining to that issue. Thematically, I attempted to narrow in on the ideas of Selfishness and Greed. I'd love to hear where you guys think I was successful and where you think there is room for improvement,

When word came unto the ears of Maedhros and Maglor that Elwing was in posession of the Silmaril of Beren, a great jealousy surged in their hearts. It was their right from birth to be the sole beholders of the Silmarils. Their father had labored his entire life to forge the gems and the blood of their brothers had been spilled in pursuit of the right to gaze upon them. They desired to wreak vegeance on the ones who unjustly claimed their birthright. With Faenor's flames raging inside of him, Maedhros prepared to make war upon the traitors. It was these moments that the thoughts of Maglor turned to their dark oath. Thought his spirit was engorged by that very same fire, the long sorrow of the oath had begun to quell it. The misery of the house of Faenor had only grown since the darkening of the Valinor. Even the knowledge that a Silmaril had been wrenched from the crown of the accursed Morgoth was of little consolation. Maglor bade his brother to reconsider his actions, for doomed as they were by the oath, perhaps it could be fulfilled another way. If the brother's sought vegeance on the kin of Earendil, they would be destroying the remnants of the house of Thingol. This final act of Elf killing Elf would certainly seal their fate and condemn them the crushing blackness of the cursed oath.

After much consideration, the weight of the oath began to cool the fires of Faenor. Even the heart of Maedhros began to calm, for he too felt the pain they had wrought unto their people. They laid down the arms of their father and released their minds from the grip of the Silmarils. Thus the brothers came upon Earendil and Elwing and sought peace. Elwing, fearing some manner of deception offered a trade. If peace was truly the intentions of the brothers, then the Silmaril must be destroyed. Earendil agreed, that the temptation of the gems was to much to resist. Maedhros and Maglor bade them cast the Silmaril into the farthest realm of Arda, but also begged them that they would not look upon the Silmaril. For the brothers the loss was far too near and their fear of the oath mighty. Manwe witnessed this act of the brothers and saw the calm in their hearts. He did not have the power to remove their oath but he took the Silmaril from Elwing and placed in the sky among the furthest stars. He then struck Maedhros and Maglor blind to its light, so they would never have to suffer their gazes upon it. For the brothers their ancient oath had finally been fulfilled and the evil of their family undone.

Maedhros and Maglor were among the first to witness the iron crown fall from the head of the enemy. No sooner had the satisfaction of victory washed over them, did their eyes fall upon the remaining Silmarils. A long forgotten corruption crept back into the souls of Maglor and Maedhros. Their oath had returned and their doom as of yet unsatisfied. Their hands extended greedily to the Silmarils and they were consumed. The light of the Silmarils seared and scarred the hands of the brothers. The pain was second only to the weight of their oath. The knowledge of the doom, they had placed upon themselves and their people combined with the burning of the Silmarils proved inescapable. Maedhros cast himself and his Silmaril in the deepest pit of fire in all of Arda. For nothing but the darkness could ever quell the fires of Faenor. Maglor sought refuge by the sea, where he had always felt nearer to home. However, the burning light eventually engulfed him as well. He dove into the darkness of the sea and within the realm of Ulmo, the light of the final Silmaril was forever lost. The doom of Faenor had fallen upon the last of the house of Finwe.

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