Sunday, August 23, 2015

Nessa, Helinyetille

I am sister of Oromë, last-named of the Valar, and wife of the great warrior Tulkas.  I married my husband in the Spring of Arda--the Years of the Lamps--before Melkor cast them down.  Our wedding was full of feasting and merriment, but later, while my husband slept, Melkor began his ruin of our world.  When he destroyed the Lamps, the world was utterly destroyed, and we returned to Valmar.  While once I had danced upon the Isle of Almaren, I now danced and ran upon the grassy knolls of Valmar.

Now I am one of the seven Queens of the Valar, and I love running with the deer through the meadows whilst my valiant husband rules in Valinor.

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