Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ulmo bore up Elwing out of the waves,
he forbade her demise alone in sunken caves.
He gave her the likeness of a bird great and white,
and imparted on her the gift of flight.
Faith and longing stronger than ever,
in earnest hope that she may complete her endeavor.
And upon her breast there shone as a star the Simaril
As she flew over the water to seek Earendil.
Her beloved he had once been,
in his arms she hoped to be in again.
Alas over the horizon she saw,
his wonderful ship so far and so small.
Into his great arms she flew,
The sailors thought it a very strange view.
On her beak he laid a kiss,
A sight his men could not readily dismiss.
Thus the lovers were reunited, 
When he woke up Earendil was delighted.

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Anna Adams said...

Nice job, Troy! :)