Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Arkenstone

We were talking last class about jewels, more specifically jewels that had a radiance to them.  That got me thinking what was the Arkenstone?  We know that it was unearthed by the dwarves under the Lonely Mountain during the third age, but was that where it began?  Due to the incredible radiance of the jem as well as the obvious corrupting effect that it had on Thorin I am almost inclined to believe that it is in fact a silmaril.  More specifically, this would be the one lost by Meadhros at the end of the first age when it was flung into a deep pit.  Would would be your thoughts on this matter?


Megan said...

I desperately want this to be the case. That would be so cool. The Silmaril Maedhros died with and the one Thorin died for. It would be so angsty and tragic and circular.

I suppose the problem would be that Gandalf and others who ought to have recognized the Arkenstone as a Silmaril never did and said anything. And since The Hobbit is published and therefore a "fixed" text, Tolkien could never go back and change it, even if he wanted to.

Austin M. said...

Michael, this is an awesome thought. I had never even considered this connection. I agree that it is problematic that The Hobbit doesn't make a bigger deal out of the origin of the Arkenstone, but perhaps Tolkien hadn't yet made this connection himself. Thror's reaction and corruption by the jewel reminds be directly of Thingol's possession and obsession with the Silmaril which caused him to be killed.

Lorin said...

Even if there's not quite enough evidence for the Arkenstone being a Silmaril, I'm just gonna consider it to be one anyways, because that is just awesome. The only thing I'm wondering about is wouldn't have the thrown-in-a-pit-during-the-First-Age Silmaril been sunk into the sea during the whole changing of the world? Unless it was thrown into a pit that was far enough east?

Megan said...

Another problem here is that Tolkien says that Iluvatar (or Manwe) decrees that the Silmarils will not re-emerge until the remaking of the world? I totally can't find where I thought I saw that, I feel like there's something along those lines, so it's not like it could sneak out of a crack in the earth or anything.

Oh man but I do want it! Let's just say headcanon: accepted and move on ;)