Friday, April 26, 2013

Reader Presentation

In reflecting back over the semester, I truly feel that I gained the most insight into Tolkien's character through the presentation I gave on his Welsh influences.  In this lecture/essay, I glimpsed, however briefly, Tolkien's great love for languages and the passion he brought to the study of languages.  In addition, I began to understand the incredible breadth of his knowledge in so many different subjects.  Tolkien was a genius:  I knew this fact before the semester started, but this course - and especially my reading presentation - reaffirmed Tolkien's brilliance in my mind.

What stood out to you most about your reading presentation?  What was your main takeaway from your assigned piece?

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Julie Lautenschleger said...

Yes, I was definitely also astounded by Tolkien's breadth of knowledge. More than this, however, I was impressed by his passion. The only reason he is so knowledgable and thorough (unlike most other writers) is because he is passionate for languages, stories, and history. He allows himself to truly become the master of Middle Earth because he loves it so much. All of his work - it's like a love story about a man and learning/writing. Great stuff. Yep.