Friday, April 12, 2013


Guys, I need help. Ok, I'm convinced there's a part in The Silmarillion where one of the Elves battles either Morgoth or one of his servants through singing. But now I cannot find it ANYWHERE. I have literally been scouring every resource I can for the past hour. Help meeee. Am I making this up?  Am I just remembering Fingolfin's last stand wrong? I am so confused haha.


Ashley Cauley said...

I think that happens a few times in Beren and Lúthien. Finrod Felagund does a song battle with Sauron. Later Lúthien sings to break the walls of Sauron's fortress. It might happen somewhere else in The Silmarillion too though.

Lorin said...

I don't know if you found the specific place where it happens yet, Sarah, but I just stumbled on it - it's in the Beren and Luthien chapter in the Silmarillion, and the battle's between Finrod Felagund and Sauron - there's a whole page where part of the Lay of Leithian is given, and it's right there. You've probably already found it by now, but just in case!

Troy Wells said...

I remember the part in the Beren and Luthien chapter only because it made me think of a "8-Mile" style rap battle, am I the only one who made that strange connection?