Sunday, April 14, 2013

A bit of Tolkien Humor

I saw some images on the internet I thought you guys would particularly appreciate!

Tolkien's humor, unlike these memes, was much more dry. Any examples of your favorite Tolkien humor in any of the works we have read for class? (I know I spoke a bit about this during my oral presentation on his Valedictory Address - Tolkien liked to subtly poke fun at his peers)


Megan said...

Nice! Oh, here's the link to the very funny, very inappropriate Very Secret Diaries:

(copy/paste into browser)

Share what you think? Obviously they reference/poke fun more at the films.

Troy Wells said...

That was hilarious! I liked the Sauron one the most. Who would have guessed the poor guy was just really misunderstood. lol