Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Wresting of the Silmaril(s)

This is my attempt at rewriting the story of Beren wresting the Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth. My apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien.

As Morgoth and his host lay in swoon throughout the depths of Angband, Beren drew forth Angrist and cut from the Iron Crown the starlit jewels. As the final Silmaril was severed from its bonds, the knife Angrist fulfilled its doom and the blade melted away, disintegrating into nothingness. With the Silmarils in their possession, Beren and Luthién fled the fortress of Anbgand. But Carcharoth had since awoken from the spell of Luthién and sprang upon them as they approached the dread gate of Morgoth's stronghold. Luthién's strength was fading and her powers were of no avail. The mighty fiend easily swept her aside and she collapsed, gravely wounded from the harrowing blow. Beren grasped the Silmarils in his hands and met the onslaught of the dire beast. The enemies clashed together with the force of a great tidal wave and battled each other relentlessly, neither giving any quarter. Weaponless, the pair clashed together time and time again. But the power of the Silmarils overcame the malice within Carcharoth and in his victory, Beren smote the ruin of his foe upon the cursed ground. He swept Luthién into his arms and bore her swiftly away from that evil place.

Initially, I had wanted to re-work the story to the point that Beren was able to unite the races of Arda and overthrow the evil of Morgoth. Because this victory was accomplished without the direct assistance of the Valar, Manwë would see fit to exert the full power of the Valar, banishing the spirit of Melkor from Middle-earth for eternity. However, there would be a grave mistake made in the process of Melkor's final punishment. History repeats itself and Sauron is treated mercifully as Melkor was after his first defeat. He bides his time, allowing his malice to smolder. As his master before him, Sauron betrays the trust of the Valar and Children of Ilúvatar, escaping and rising to power in Morgoth's stead. Unfortunately, this would have taken way too much time and space on the blog. Perhaps I'll get a chance to complete it in some type of creative project...

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