Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Imaginations

So today in class we talked about imagination in my group (group two). Julie mentioned how everyone has their own fantasy, that each fantasy is different. It got me to wondering, how do you guys see the characters in Tolkien's works? How do you imagine them? Are you stuck with images from the movies because you saw them first, or do you have your own ideas about how Frodo should look? How do you think Tolkien's characters that haven't been in any movies would look? I'm not really asking for a dream-cast, unless you really have based their appearance on actors. Is there any character in the movies who looks especially different compared to your own vision of them?


sworland said...

Because so many of my favorite books have been turned into movies, I've come to the point where I know I will never like the movie as much as the book, so I just appreciate the movie as its own separate entity or I'd probably hate all of the films of my favorite books.

This being said, I actually quite enjoy most of the cast of the Lord of the Rings, and maybe this is because many of them fit my imagination of Tolkien's characters. Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn is, in my opinion, one of the best casting decisions ever made. Praise the Lord Peter got rid of the first guy they cast. Sidenote: I did see the Fellowship of the Ring before I read the book, but I read the last two books before the release of their respective movie. So I'll stray away from a discussion of the first characters.

I won't even get into Faramir because that's my one huge issue with the film. I could rant forever about PJ's corruption of Faramir. Grrrr.

My imaginings of Eomer and Eowyn varied quite a bit from their portrayal in the movies, but I still hold onto my versions of these characters in my head. I felt that Eowyn in the movies was too desparate, too whiny almost. There was less pride and more petulance in the movie Eowyn. So in my head, I still picture Eowyn as strong and beautiful, more stoic in a way, and fiercer than Miranda Otto's depiction.

S. M. said...

Most of the characters, with the exception of Galadriel, looked quite different in the movies than how I imagined them. For instance, I pictured Sam with darker hair and with a sharper contrast between his hair and eye color. However, I actually like that the characters look different from how I visualized them. In a way, it’s like being able to see how someone else imagines the characters.

Lorin said...

I saw the first two LOTR movies before reading the books, so I tend more to see the characters from the corresponding books as the actors from the movies (sorry!). That being said, since then I have really, REALLY tried to read the books of a certain series BEFORE the movies come out (like I did with the Hunger Games! Yay, so proud! ;)).

What I find strangely rewarding, though, is to re-read LOTR and reinvent the way each character looks in my mind. It's actually kind of fun. But, like I think someone said in class, sometimes when you can't come up with a clear picture in your head of what a character looks like, it's easier to latch onto their movie portrayal. And, what I've found I frequently do anyways is to make famous people (or people I know) into my image of a character.

Megan said...

Of course we're all affected by the film versions of texts--their insidiousness is one of the things that makes me so mad. That having been said, visually PJ did do a good job, and I have few problems with the way anyone looks.

The biggest deviations from the movie version of the characters in my head are Merry and Pippin. The versions of Merry and Pippin are less Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd and more the cartoon version from the Bakshi FotR (believe me or not!!). They have these cute little baby faces, and appear properly young (Billy Boyd made a funny Pippin, but gosh! He was WAY too old!). However, I really appreciate that PJ is the only one to make Sam not look like a toad.

Julie Lautenschleger said...

Reading the Silmarillion after having watched the Lord of the Rings movies has had a very large impact on my view on Middle Earth. For example, in the Silmarillion, there is first no sun. Yet, in my memory of Middle Earth from the movie, there is sun. For some reason it never occurred to me that my image of Middle Earth pre-sun would be dark until I came upon the description of the beginning of Sun's revolution around the earth.