Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creation vs making

So i know we talk a lot about this in class so i thoyght i would write blog post about it.  I wanna know what people think about why Tolkien uses creation, making, then subcreation, in most of his works. Why in that order and why call the various levels of things that appear one of those three specifically?  What is the purpose and the message thta he is tryng to get across?


Ashley Cauley said...

As a devout Catholic, I think Tolkien was trying to make it clear that there are some powers that only God has, some that try to mimic that power, and others that give reverence to that power. God/Ilúvatar creates, Melkor and Aulë make, and Tolkien sub-creates. It all depends on your intention. Are you trying to rival God or are you giving reverence to him?

Michael Lott said...

I believe that the difference between these three lies in what you begin with. Creation implies something from nothing. Rather something existing where nothing did before. I agree with Ashley that Tolken would have reserved this for his supreme being character Iluvitar. Hover I do not see much of a difference between the other two as they both are implied to begin with what was already created and use roughly the same skills craftsmanship, imagination, ect. What do people think is the difference here, or are they simply used interchangeably.