Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 faces

Today in class we did not get to talk about the face that Tolkein said that there are three faces of faery stories.. So i was wondering what peoples opinions about these three face were.  Also I want to know if these remind anyone of anything.


Richard Wentworth said...

I thought it was interesting that, in describing the three faces, Tolkien distinguishes magic from the supernatural. Magic is something that fairies (or elves) do, and they are more natural than men, who are supernatural.

I suppose we can relate this Tolkien's mythology, where the fate of immortal elves is bound up in the fate of the natural world, but for humans who die there is something more than the natural world.

Michael Lott said...

You bring up a good point with the differentiation between magic and the supernatural which to me appears to be one of the faces or key facets of Tolken's literature. In our mind magic is something that is an unworldly and mysterious force that is beyond understanding. I think that this a reason why magic is present in his works but never a key part and almost always accompanied by a device that sort of grounds it in reality, staffs, keys and the like. However, the supernatural is simply that, something that transcends the natural order or way. I is something that is wonderful, even mystifying, but is still grounded in the reality it breaks from.