Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silmarillion Dreamcast

Okay, I know this isn't Tumblr, and I know this isn't exactly academic, but I was going through my old copy of The Silmarillion and found on a post-it note stuck inside from a time when I had lofty ambitions to see Silm. on film (probably pre-Two Towers dashing my hopes of every liking a film version of anything Tolkien) containing a list of popular actors at the time "cast" as Silm. characters.

Don't laugh. They are basically silly. I think I wanted Tom Welling as Beren and like Heath Ledger as Fingolfin (I made this list before he died), and James Franco as Feanor? Wow. Shane West as Maeglin? I don't even know who these people are anymore.

But I thought this might be a fun way to help remember who everyone is, since there are so many characters in The Silmarillion. Please tell me you all have better (at least more contemporary!) actor suggestions.


sworland said...

Megan, this is fantastic. I do have to say my heart hurts a little bit at the mention of Heath Ledger :'( I still want to cry because he was so amazing!!

Also, this is a fun idea. Maybe it's just because I'm on a Hugh Jackman kick right now due to his incredible performance in Les Mis, but I can totally see him being like Finwe or Elwe/Thingol. And Anne Hathaway (yeah, see the Les Mis theme?) could totally be Varda, in my opinion!

Anna Adams said...

I want to second (or third?) the suggestion from today's class that Tom Hiddleston play Melkor. Heck, he could play all the characters and I would be happy. All of them!

Megan said...

Yes, Tom Hiddleston as both Melkor and Manwe (because they are twinned thought in Iluvatar's mind, I want them to be played by the same actor).

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch just came to me for Maedhros, when we get to him. Cumberbatch is naturally ginger (Maedhros is red haired) and is fairly tall (though maybe not tall enough to get a nickname 'Maedhros The Tall'). But now I must have a Fingon so they can be bestest bros.

sworland said...

Can we cast Colin Morgan in some role (he plays Merlin on the BBC show)? Simply because I love him, but he also has some ethereal qualities. Maybe Maglor or Turgon?