Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Favorite Character

On the Information Sheet you filled out on the first day of class, I asked you to write a bit about your favorite character from Tolkien's works. Since so many of you groaned about picking a single favorite, take the opportunity to write about one of your other favorite characters as a comment to this post.


Maeglin said...

Yay! What if I talk about my triumvirate of favorite characters? Tolkien works this angle really well I think:

The tragic hero. I'm not talking about Turin, who we'll meet and who Destiny has it in for. I'm talking about those flawed heroes who are constrained by some sort of Duty and end up making bad decisions for the right reasons. And they end up dying only after they've learned their lesson and it hurts.

The one I chose to write down Tuesday was Maedhros, the eldest of the sons of Feanor. Sadly, the only indication that he "learned his lesson" about swearing Oaths by the Valar and also having daddy issues (?) is that he commits suicide.

Then there's Boromir, who you all know I love if you know anything about me. He loses it when he tries to kill Frodo for the Ring, but he was doing this because of his Duty to Gondor. And he ends up sacrificing himself for Merry and Pippin as much as an apology to Frodo as for his love of them.

And Thorin. Same deal, except with him, I'm basically 99% on his side? I think Tolkien was trying to make a point about stubbornness or greed or something, but either way, I missed it. Even so, Thorin learns big lessons before he dies, about friendship and simple hobbit pleasures.

And it is sad. I like the sad characters, okay?

Ashley Cauley said...

I absolutely love reading anything Aragorn has to say, and I think Éowyn is an awesome 2.0 version of Mulan, but my favorite character will always be Sam. How could you not like him? He's loyal, good natured, and has a healthy helping of hobbit sense. One of my favorite parts with him is when the four hobbits spend the night at Tom Bombadil's house and Tolkien describes the bad dreams that they all had: Frodo dreams about Gandalf being trapped at Orthanc, Pippin dreams of a scary tree, Merry dreams of drowning, and good old Sam slept like a log. He makes me smile. =)

Anna Adams said...

I think I wrote about Sam on Tuesday, but I really love ALL of the hobbits, even the minor characters like Farmer Maggot. (I like how he turned out to be a good guy despite what we might expect from him based on Frodo's encounter.) Merry and Pippin are both also near the top of my list. I like them both for being so willing to be a part of the adventure and for helping their friends.

sworland said...

Maybe I'm crazy, but I actually do have one favorite character. And I wrote about him on Tuesday, but I'll share here, too.

Faramir. This is the one huge issue I take with the movies: Peter Jackson's portrayal of Faramir is SO WRONG and completely unnecessary. In the books, Tolkien describes Faramir as "one with an air of high nobility such as Aragorn at times revealed, less high perhaps, yet also less incalculable and remote: one of the Kings of Men born into a later time, but touched with the wisdom and sadness of the Elder Race" (ROTK p.77). What an incredible description.

Faramir is incorruptible - he in no way desires the Ring. The movies cast him as a man so desperate to prove himself to his father that he waylays Sam and Frodo and puts them in terrible danger in Osgiliath. Don't be fooled. That is impostor Faramir who does not exist in the books. Tolkien writes Faramir as an intensely honorable man who is not swayed by the temptation of the Ring, a skilled Captain of Gondor who has earned the trust and loyalty of his men, and an unlooked for blessing to Frodo and Sam on their quest.

Lorin said...

In class I put Sam as my favorite character (which, seriously, doesn't even need explaining), but I also really love the siblinghood between Eomer and Eowyn (I know some people really dislike her, but honestly, among many [though not all!] of Tolkien's female characters, she is just spectacular), Faramir, Tom Bombadil (believe it or not, haha), and Bilbo :)

S. M. said...

On Tuesday I wrote about Beleg because he’s my favorite of Tolkien’s Elves, followed by Galadriel and Legolas. Beleg is so loyal to his friend Turin –in that way he reminds me of Sam, the hobbit I like best. However, my overall favorite character would have to be Gandalf because every time he shows up he says something memorable. His quotes range from the humorous to the truly profound. From his lighter moments, I like when he makes a big production out of what the phrase “good morning” must mean. As for his deeper sayings, I especially like when Gandalf tells Frodo about how Bilbo showed Gollum mercy.