Friday, May 6, 2011

Synthesis Paper

I am doing my synthesis paper on the theme of transformation because it is present in most (if not all) of the works we have read in some way. Transformation has always been the most inspiring and diversified theme to me. I think it is a perfect topic to synthesis all of these works in a specific way and express how I feel about Tolkien and his works. There are, however, many other themes that can achieve this goal. Which theme(s) have you been most influenced by/interested in/inspired by? Are these theme(s) or other interesting ideas the topic of you synthesis paper? Basically, what have you decided to write about and why? What is Tolkien's legacy to you in one sentence (your thesis)?


Elladan said...

For me, one of the most important themes that carries throughout Tolkien's works is that of "Good vs. Evil." There are of course the smaller scale personal battles, but I am interested on the larger overarching themes of the struggle for control or power in the world.

Diamond Took said...

I think its cool that everybody gets different things out of this. I'm really interested in Tolkien's beliefs about ethics and morality (which ties into Elladan's) and society and nature and things like that. I'm not sure if Tolkien and I share a lot of the same ideas about the world and I'm fascinated by how much I can respect someone who I disagree with.

Idril said...

I felt that the themes of fellowship, community, and loyalty seemed highly pervasive throughout almost all of Tolkien's works, as well as the other readings. I decided to write on these themes not only because of their pervasiveness to the texts, but also their importance in reality as well. Tolkien successfully created a work of art that actually provided the themes it conveyed (i.e. our Tolkien course; Hobbit Societies).

And I agree with that inherent respect for Tolkien, even though I sometimes question his ideas and thoughts on certain themes.