Friday, May 6, 2011

Pub Groups

About the pub groups. I want to comment on how great my experience was with them. Our group was incredibly cohesive and I think we all looked forward to meeting, even though we seemed to hardly find the time.

I think that we've established that Tolkien has a lot of good things to say about fellowship and the forming of pub groups is an excellent way to manifest this theme in the class. I'm sure that not everyone had as positive an experience as we did, but I thought they were great. Thanks Merlyn and Sara for the awesome time. Don't forget that we still have to play laser tag sometime.

And thanks Dr. Donovan and Megan for the incredible class. You guys are great!

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Thengel said...

I agree that the pub groups were a great addition to the class. For our group at least, I think it really related to Tolkien and the Inklings, and getting together a group of intellectuals to have a good time as friends, but also to discuss literature, philosophy, etc. I hope that everyone else had a good pub group experience too, because I'd totally hang out with my pub group anytime!

In addition to laser tag, I believe we said we'd play tennis and video games at some point :) .