Friday, May 6, 2011

"Leaf by Niggle" Freewrite

I wrote on "Leaf by Niggle" as a commentary towards being a creative artist.

"Leaf by Niggle" offers some insight to Tolkien's beliefs on what it means to be a creative artist. The focus is the relationship between artist and artwork and how creation intangibly binds them together. Much of the time, being an artist equates to also being highly misunderstood. In "Leaf by Niggle," Niggle works unceasingly on his Tree, and yet he never gets the recognition for his work. This translates to almost every artist who puts a certain amount of their heart and soul into a piece, only to have the work misunderstood or under appreciated. "Leaf by Niggle" also conveys how an artist work never truly ends and that the cycle of creation continues even after the artist has gone from the physical world. Niggle never "finishes" his Tree, and when he seems close, another detail catches his attention. This continues up until his "death," but even after he still continues to live and work through his artwork. This can translate to artist (postmortem) whose artwork still persists.

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