Monday, May 2, 2011

"Leaf by Niggle" Freewrite!

Here is my freewrite from last week on "Leaf by Niggle." My prompt was writing about the story as a personal/autobiographical commentary.

I feel like if Tolkien was using "Leaf by Niggle" to express some sort of personal/autobiographical commentary, that it would make him sound a tad pompous. Not to a point where I stop respecting him though. I just feel like Niggle gets really frustrated in the beginning of the story because not everyone appreciates his painting. In the end though, I think it would be very interesting if this story was autobiographical because we see Niggle get sucked into his own work. I think we would all like to feel like Tolkien was so involved in creating Middle-earth that at times he too may have felt like he was there, just like we feel like we are there when we read "The Lord of the Rings." I think part of this comes from how detailed Tolkien gets when he writes. His descriptions are so in-depth and I thought it was really cute that the special thing about Niggle's paintings was how detailed his leaves are.

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