Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The End :(

Since we didn't have any readings this week, I just wanted to talk about how much I enjoyed this class. I've missed taking literature classes since I've started college. I love classes where I can have a good discussion, or even argument, about a book. I hadn't read the LotR series before this class and now I am so glad I have. I have a much greater appreciation for Tolkien and his works. I thought it was so interesting to see all of the things that influenced him and his writings. I also want to read them again because I feel like I missed so much!
So basically, this was a fun class, and I'll definitely miss having a place to get all my nerd out. :)


Elwing said...

I totally agree. I fell in love with the movies and then with the books, an dit is all so much more meaningful and special to me as a result of this class. And yes, I think one of the great beenfits of honors classes (especially ones about Tolkien!) is that we're all pretty much major nerds, and it's accepted. All you guys are great! =)

Radagast said...

I have loved how nerdy our class is! I get used to having nerdy conversations with friends, but to have an intellectual based class on something like this was just amazing! Before, I liked Lord of the Rings, but now I have more respect for it as literature and a better understanding of it. I also thought reading all of the other works by Tolkien were really interesting to get more of a feel for him because I probably wouldn't have ventured to read them on my own. But now, I think I'll read more (particularly fromt the Tolkien Reader!)