Friday, May 6, 2011


During the wrap-up yesterday (so sad), discussion more than once turned towards the importance of fellowship and community. Other than being a point of nostalgia for our Tolkien seminar class, these themes resonate throughout every work we've read this semester and I consider them central to the entirety of the course.

I wanted to comment on how the friendships we've made throughout the semester show the inherent and true beauty of Tolkien's works and world that he created for all of us. Whether long time fan and avid reader, or newcomer to the lands of Middle-earth, every person can find their own comfortable place in Tolkien's landscape. It seems that all the Lord of the Rings readers share a common friendship even prior to coming in contact; meeting another is all it takes.

I feel that the sense of community in our seminar illustrates completely the success of Tolkien as a creative artist. Whether writer, poet, artist, songwriter, musician, or cinematographer, the ultimate goal should be to create works of art that draw people together onto common ground where friendships and communities can grow. In a world so full of discord and debate, these are all the more necessary.

Thanks everybody for such a great semester! I can honestly say that this class has positively impacted my life and I'm extremely grateful to have been a part of it.

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