Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday's Freewrite

The element that I chose was fate vs. freewill in Malory, especially regarding Balin's story. In a way it reminded me a lot of Turin's story in the Simarillion, but in a way it didn't. It came across to me as Balin was being more led by fate... because he is cursed from the beginning by taking the sword. After the first death, as a reader I knew that the curse was true and strong and would stay with him until his death. Also the fact that Merlin was the one to predict the curse made it more believable. In Turin's story I feel like he as a character was more able to control his fate at times, thus making it hard to decipher whether it was fate or freewill guiding him in certain instances. Also as a character I feel like Turin was more developed, leading to a more interesting and complicated plot and character conflict.


Luthien said...

Yes - as other people have mentioned numerous times, the line between fate and free will in Tolkien's works is so fine that it makes it so much more enjoyable to read his works and try to figure out the whole issue. I would definitely agree with you that Balin really seemed to be led more by fate, and Turin's life was more a mix of fate and free will.

Fingolfin said...

I agree with both the post and what Luthien said. In general the lives of characters are decided by both fate and free will, and many characters have certain reactions and make their own choices when certain acts of fate occur.