Sunday, April 3, 2011


In Thursday's class I wrote about how the author of Beowulf uses the theme that Tolkien says "that men, each man and all men, and all their works shall die." It was interesting to compare this to LOTR, because Tolkien uses this theme a lot. Since he is writing a history of Middle-earth there is much change in the lives of the people, and it happens that cultures and races die. This is similar to Beowulf when the author describes all the past kings and how eventually they were wiped out.

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Elladan said...

Sadly, this is indeed a natural part of life. And while Tolkien does include the Elves who are immortals, there is also an End in sight for their race, for they must leave the shores of Middle-earth. If there is no End, life loses its vitality and worth, there is nothing to strive for or toward.