Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pseudonymity and Blogging

Now that our semester is almost over, I'd like to ask what you thought of working on the Blog for our class. What did you like most about the Blog discussions? What did you like least? Would you have preferred a regular threaded discussion list forum or simply an email listserv instead of the Blog? What did you think about the use of pseudonyms on the Blog? Did you enjoy the pseudonymity or would you prefer to have used your real name?


Radagast said...

I liked the blog! I thought it was a fun way to keep in touch and keep talking and share things with each other. I also think the pseudonyms were fun! The only thing that I don't like about blogger is that you can't see when others continue conversations you were in. Like how facebook says "someone else commented here" so you can go and check it. It makes it harder to continue conversations because I would forget where I had commented with so many threads going. So, I don't know if there's another option for that, but otherwise I thought it was fun!

Miriel said...

GRRR... stupid blog didn't post my response!
Haha, besides that I enjoyed the blog for the most part. I found it more fun in the earlier part of the semester... now to be honest it is just another thing that I have to do... and not necessarily enjoy it like I did earlier. But that is probably because the summer is so close!
I thought the pseudo-names were very useful and fun.
There were a few things that could be improved. Many times people would post multiple posts on the same idea. If people could just check to see if someone else already posted on their topic/idea, then they could just comment instead. This way there could be a longer and continuous discussion. I also think more controversial topics/ideas would lively up the discussion as well.

Diamond Took said...

I liked the discussions on the blogs. I think the most valuable part is that it's a writing assignment where you don't have to worry about perfection. You can throw out half formed ideas and get input on them, and I think that's a good thing. I don't think the pseudonym made much of a difference to me but I don't want to discount its value. I'm sure at least some are encouraged by the anonymity.

Finwe said...

I liked the blog because it allowed for any leftover questions or ideas to be discussed. It was easy to use. I really like that our postings didn't have to finish an idea completely and just being able to ask questions helped. I enjoyed the pseudonyms because it allows for us to write without worrying about sounding unintelligent.

Fingolfin said...

The blog allowed us to talk about things that we didn't get to discuss in class, and so I enjoyed it in that sense. However, I didn't feel that pseudonymity was all that important in this case. No one really got into any arguments or heated debates, and I for one have asked at least a couple questions that may have seemed unintelligent in class, so it probably wouldn't have been any different had I asked my questions on the blog.

Haleth said...

I thought the blog was helpful because there were things in class sometimes that I didn't get a chance to say, so I able to continue the discussion on the blog.
I didn't really think there was much point to the pseudonyms because like Fingolfin said, there weren't too many heated discussions. I did liek them because I like learning about different characters though!

Idril said...

While I thoroughly enjoyed the blog, I found it very difficult to stay up to speed with the posts. This could very well be personal problem (haha), but at times I felt that non-threaded discussions made coming up with unique ideas and concepts fairly difficult.

A threaded forum in my opinion would help focus in on specific ideas and concepts and promote extended discussions on each one; however, the blog works well too and provides a place for informal discussions as well.

The pseudonyms were a great idea for those unwilling to speak up. Writing from behind a pseudonym relieves some of the fears of expressing your own opinion.