Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lancelot versus Turin

In today's freewrite, I ended up finding many similar scenarios in the lives of Sir Lancelot and Turin. On the board, someone wrote that Turin killed Beleg (his best friend), while Sir Lancelot kills Sir Gareth (his greatest admirer). Both characters did this against their will or intentions, and were regretful afterwards. There were not many consequences (save regret) for Turin's actions, but Sir Lancelot was forced to fight Sir Gawain and was constantly accuse of being a "false knight" as a consequence. Sir Lancelot is constantly put in positions where he must save the Queen, and he always succeeds. Turin is put in the situation where he must save Findulas, but he fails. When Sir Lancelot is decieved (into sleeping with Elaine, for example) he eventually earns back the respect of the queen and everthing's back to normal. When Turin is deceived by the dragon, the ending is not so good. To generalize this, it seems as if similar bad things happen to these characters; however, the ending is good for Sir Lancelot (Not positive overall since I didn't finish reading it), but horrible for Turin. Tolkien may have reversed the outcomes of these similar scenarios in King Arthur.

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