Saturday, April 9, 2011

Geographic separation between Gods and Creation

This was an interesting point brought up in class on Thursday. The dwelling places of divine beings are often set apart from their creation (i.e. humans, elves, etc.). In wondering why this was, I came to realize that maybe "dwelling places" don't truly matter because in essence, the divine are always with their creation. In Christianity the Holy Spirit - one part of the Trinity - is God's gift to his followers in order that He may always be near to them. I feel like Tolkien somewhat parallels this when he details how many of the Valar and Maiar walk amongst Men and Elves, although they are often veiled or disguised. It also reminded me of how Varda can hear all the cries from Middle-earth, and Ulmo, by his reach through rivers and waters, allows his spirit to run "in all the veins of the world." So maybe their true dwelling places are within and around their creation.

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