Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frodo vs Gawain?

I thought that it wasn't really accurate to compare Gawain to Frodo during the debate. Their quests are completely different and so are their motivations. I feel like Frodo's flaws come from being corrupted by the Ring while Gawain makes conscious decisions when he messes up. In the end though I will agree with Group 1's argument and say that they are both heroes, just in different ways.


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Belladonna Took said...

I agree with you. Frodo and Gawain both fail personally, but they still fulfill their quest. The ring is destroyed (not by Frodo), and Sir Gawain still did take on the challenge (instead of running away as several opportunities presented themselves) and fulfilled his quest of confronting the Green Knight . Both of these characters failed themselves, but they still overcame many obstacles (heroically) and everything turned out okay (until Frodo went to the Havens). However, Gawain’s quest was not nearly as dire as Frodo’s. Frodo is corrupted into personal failure, while Gawain is merely tempted into personal failure. Frodo endured many more hardships (a longer and more strenuous quest). Frodo quest is to saves the world; Gawain quest is to honor an agreement.
I think Frodo proves that he is a hero in the truest sense without a doubt, while Sir Gawain proves he is a hero in a true (but not as definite and powerful) sense. Nonetheless, they are both heroes in the truest sense; Frodo direly in his quest and the obstacles he faces just makes it much more apparent and less debatable, in my opinion.