Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fate or Free Will?

In Thursday's debate I really think that the true winning argument would be combining the two sides: both destiny and free will play a part in Turin's story. Like Marilyn said in class, I think fate puts Turin on a path, but his choices decide which direction he sets off in. BUT I honestly think that Turin's life didn't have to end up being so terrible. Several times I think he is given a chance to "change his stars" (anyone who's seen A Knight's Tale should get this reference ;) ). Right before Gwindor dies, the elf basically tells Turin that if he doesn't go after Finduilas and rescue her, he's screwed. And Turin decides to be stubborn and not go after her. So it's choices like this one that make me think that there were opportunities (perhaps even divine chances from Iluvatar or something) for Turin to take control of his destiny and wrestle his way out of Morgoth's curse.

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