Monday, April 18, 2011

creative projects

I enjoyed doing my creative project, although I came across one difficulty. Sometimes it was hard for me to deviate from what Tolkien actually wrote. I think this was hard because he is the master behind this world... and I love what he wrote so much, that at times it was hard to be creative because I just wanted to tell the same story! And I am satisfied with my project because I do tell the same story, perhaps in a different way.
I was curious if you guess thought the same way, or differently.


Elwing said...

I can totally empathize with you! It feels so wrong to me to change anything Tolkien wrote because I think he is an extraordinary writer and the supreme creator of Middle-earth. That's why I chose to do artwork for my project instead of writing a story because I just couldn't bring myself to change anything or even tell a tale he didn't fully explain in his books.

Aredhel said...

TOTAL AGREEMENT. For awhile while I was writing, I felt like I was just writing LOTR all over again even using my favorite phrases from the book! I ended up compromising and writing Tolkien's characters basically the same as how he portrayed them, and then I added a few of my own original characters. I had your same problem, though!

Luthien said...

The story that I wrote involved characters that weren't really in Tolkien's original works (or were characters that had only been mentioned in passing), so I didn't have much trouble with rewriting the same things he did. The thing I was going for in my project, though, was trying to recreate Tolkien's charming, slightly humorous, "storytelling" voice - and THAT was what I found really hard! It made me REALLY appreciate his ability to tell a good faery-story!