Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics" Freewrite

So the quote I decided to elaborate on from this article was a quote from another article.
"The fault of Beowulf is that there is nothing much in the story." -Ker

Finally, someone agrees with me. I don't doubt that Beowulf is a research-worthy text with lots of history and other cool things we can use to learn about this specific time period but as a story, for me, it's pretty boring. I have no sympathy for Beowulf because he's really just this arrogant person who goes around bragging all day how strong he is. Maybe this is because I am a modern reader and I don't exactly know all of the context that surrounds Beowulf, but compared to any fantasy or adventure tale of today, I still think Beowulf is pretty lacking.
I'd still argue that this is a worthy discussion because this text is studied in a lot of literature classes. But for now, I'll stop playing Devil's Advocate and just leave you all with my strong opinion on Beowulf.

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