Wednesday, April 6, 2011

As I read the Silmarillion, I am in constant wonder of the depth Tolkien delves in his creation of Middle-earth and all of its history and mythology. I cannot imagine having all of these stories in my mind and only one lifetime to share them with the world.


Luthien said...

I totally agree! J.R.R. Tolkien is an inspiration! :) haha

Radagast said...

I think it's crazy how much detail he gave to it all! And this was what he was really into. I heard he only wrote LOTR to have something happen in his world!

Miriel said...

Yeah... I would be happy to have half of the imagination and knowledge he had!
It's weird (and this is random)... but what do you guys think about how Tolkien always said he wasn't really creating the story... he was just telling it, like it was already there. Do you think he could have said this to make it more believable as a mythology?
Or do you think he really was telling the truth and he really did just discover it?