Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yes! He succeeded.

I just wanted to say that regardless of the debate today, I feel that Frodo succeeded. The Ring was destroyed and he was able to free himself from its power instead of go mad. I also think that Tolkien could not have written the scene in Mount Doom any other way. It would be anticlimactic for Frodo to cast the Ring away without a second thought. Also, Gollum had to die eventually and destroying the Ring at the same time gives the reader closure. In the end, everything comes full circle, Frodo is able to leave Middle-earth in peace.


Miriel said...

I've been wondering this for a while: so if Gollum wasn't there, what do you think Sam would have done when Frodo decides he is not going to destroy the ring? He might not have the strength and will to wrestle Frodo who is invisible. And if he did, I think it could of perhaps destroyed a part of their friendship.

Luthien said...

Well, the Ring was destroyed, but it's only because of Gollum that Frodo's burden was taken away and he was restored to his former self. Frodo is not able to free himself - in the end, he gives into the corruption and power of the Ring. That being said, I think Frodo succeeded in a way because he was able to make it as far as he did before giving into the Ring. But I still don't think HE succeeded, though the Ring was destroyed (which I think is kinda what really matters).

Miriel, that's a really interesting thought! I honestly don't know what would've happened if Gollum wasn't there! It just shows how important a part he played, and how important it was that both Bilbo and Frodo took pity on him and kept from killing him.