Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What if Sam destroyed the Ring?

(In response to Dr. Donovan's post, #1)

If Sam had been the one to, in the end, throw the Ring into the fire of Mount Doom, SO MUCH would have been different. He would have first of all had to somehow wrestle with Frodo over the Ring, which who knows if he would've actually done (attacking his Master??). If he succeeded, his relationship with Frodo probably would have been very different, too; Sam might be the real "Master" after that, or their friendship might have even dissolved. Gollum's role in the whole story would have been extremely different too. Both Bilbo and Frodo had pity on him and let him live, and the huge feat of taking the Ring from Frodo (though done in greed) that Gollum is able to accomplish because of their pity sort of shows how even the wickedest of creatures can act towards the furthering of Good. What would his purpose have been if he simply led the hobbits to Mordor? (not saying that's not important, but what big theme of Tolkien's would have been played out in that action?)

I'm sure there's more that would've been different if Sam was the one to destroy the Ring -- what do you all think?

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Elladan said...

I agree totally with your statements regarding the certainty that the story would be drastically changed if Sam had indeed been the one to destroy the Ring. However, I do not believe that Sam could have attacked Frodo, and Frodo in his state of power upon deciding to keep the Ring. Frodo would simply have overpowered Sam's will and the Ring would have taken a new course, eventually ending up back on the hand of Sauron.