Sunday, March 6, 2011

This free-write was in response to a phrase in the previous paper I had read "despair is a powerful tool for evil." I really liked this as a prompt and I think it is a very insightful idea (kudos to whoever phrased this, I don't remember who you are). I'm not posting this because it is my best free-write (it may be my worst) but because I enjoyed the prompt and I think it really contains the "essence" of a free-write. Anyway, enough rambling here it is, mistakes and all:

I agree! Totally! Although, I guess they don’t have a despair gun or anything. But still, why does the enemy make things dark? Does he just like the dark? He seemes a little above liking or disliking light. I think he would be above that. I think he is above that. I think he uses darkness as a tool. And so I think despair in this way is a tool or weapon. In this way he creates and atmosphere that is evil and makes people out of there normal human nauture. It’s hard to help but concede to human nature. We like sunlight and darkness is okay sometimes but it shouldn’t always be dark and we should be able to enjoy natural nature. Sauron has found a way to manipulate this. Huge industry and trampling armies have their own functions but he gets an added benfit that I think he creates despair moreso just because he manipulates nature. It is true it is true! Gollum doesn’t like the sun, it is against his developed nature. So why is it that Frodo and Sam like the sun and Gollum doesn’t? I don’t know I think I’m getting in to ideas I’m not even understanding. Now I’m on autopilot I have lost my train of thought unfortunately. What were we talking about? I don’t know because I’m lost. Lost! Help me! Help me! Oh no what will I write now. Okay looking up at my original prompt thing I see that it says despair is a powerful tool for evil. Great. And now I conclude that this is true. I think it is very insightful because most would consider despair a result of the use of tools of evil instead of a tool itself. Love the idea. Hope is also a tool for good. And fear is a tool for action. Can’t elaborate. Have to finish now. Bye!

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Fingolfin said...

One of my freewrites (I can't rememeber which one) talked about how forces of evil create feelings of despair just by being nearby. I definitely agree with what you said.