Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sam without Rosie

This post is in response to Dr. Donovan's prompt about various changes that could have been made to LotR. What if Fatty Bolger had married Rosie Cotton and not gone to prison? This seems completely sacrilegious for me to even contemplate. Of course Rosie belongs with Sam! It would have been utterly devastating for Sam to return from his grand adventure and find that his friend had married the woman he loves. It simply wouldn't be fair. Also, Rosie needs to stay faithful to Sam in order to motivate him on his journey. Yes, Sam forces himself to continue the journey in order to protect Frodo, but I think another part of him just wanted to finish the quest so he could return to Rosie. I think this is very similar to soldiers in war holding on to pictures of their girls back home. That is what they are fighting for. They don't really care that much about the war itself; they just want it to be over so they can go back home to the ones they love. Sam's situation is almost identical. He is on the quest to protect Frodo and destroy this great evil that threatens his homeland and the woman he loves. There is no possible way Tolkien could have written a satisfying ending without Sam marrying Rosie.


Diamond Took said...

I understand why you're upset by this notion, haha, but don't you think that Sam would have been okay? I mean he certainly would have been disappointed and maybe even profoundly hurt but I think he would have been fine in the long run.

Oh! What if he had left Middle Earth with Frodo?

Radagast said...

I would agree that I think Sam probably would have been ok after time, but this being said, I also agree that Tolkien should have written it the way he did! It might come more from the movie that I see the relationship between Sam and Rosie more, but in the book, there isn't much development of their relationship. So, I think Sam would have been ok. But seeing the movies makes the relationship stand out a bit more, and because of that, I agree with Elwing that Sam is fighting this whole time partly to get back to Rosie. So, I really like the way this was written!

Elwing said...

I just wanted to add that Sam leads a wonderful and prosperous life in the Shire after Frodo leaves, and yes, he does eventually sail to the Undying Lands after Frodo. Sam has a wonderful life, and he couldn't have done that without Rosie. He has 13 kids with her and is mayor for a very long time. He made the name of Gardner prestigious. Marrying Rosie is essential to him being "one and whole, for many years" as Frodo tells him.