Sunday, March 6, 2011

Romanticism Vs. Medievalism?

I'm a little older now than the last time I read through all The Lord of the Rings and I'm finding a lot more content that I question. We've talked about the romanticizing of war, prejudice, classism etc. We've classified Tolkien as a Medievalist and I want to know exactly what that entails. If I remember right, part of the Romantic movement was related to revival of Medieval (or a romanticized Medieval) culture. I'm so conflicted because romanticization of Medieval times is really fun in literature and story-telling but it seems to me the the middle ages weren't really all that great. Similarly, I thoroughly enjoy Tolkien's writing but I know that war doesn't really work that way, and the hints of prejudice and classism I notice seem dangerous to me. I'm particularly interested in this because I've always been conflicted about the Romantic era in general. I'm trying to work out these relationships. Sorry if my intent in this post is unclear. I had a hard time formulating words the idea I have and I'm out of time. If anyone understands the gist of what I'm asking then input would be great, especially from Dr. Donovan (or Megan) because you specialize in this area (right?). Thanks!

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