Monday, March 28, 2011

Over the weekend, I read Beowulf and decided to watch the recent cartoon version (starring Angelina Jolie) just to compare it to the original story. I was pleasantly surprised with the movie and its connection with the original plot. While the film does deviate from the plot, the basic outline of the tale remains very similar. The main addition to the story is the inclusion of female interaction within. In the written tale, women play a very small role, but in modern film, the female aspect is greatly enlarged. Because it is a 21st century film, there is also a large amount of sexual content that is added to spice up the storyline. This seemed to be one of the largest deviations, and did work to change some aspects of the story drastically. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie, as I was expecting an abomination of a film. Perhaps for purists, this is a horrible interpretation, but I found that it told the majority of the story accurately while staying in tune with the original plot. Thoughts? Criticisms?

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Elendil said...

Not gonna lie, I liked that movie a lot too. Did you notice that Grendel even spoke in Old English? That was exciting for me. I think the things that threw me off were more how it was made. The cgi threw me way off and I thought it looked ugly. Why not just have the regular actors and be done with it? That, and I rolled my eyes a lot during the sexual stuff. Mostly because it was overmuch, but also something I could kind of see.

I think a Beowulf movie just doesn't work simply because it's a bit of an absurd premise, and a movie just emphasizes that absurdity. Which is a bummer, because I didn't very much like the new Beowulf movie, but I didn't hate it either