Monday, March 7, 2011

More Freewrites!

This freewrite is in response to yet another freewrite that I read, and it talks about the themes of Hope rising from Despair and the significance of the seemingly insignificant.

This freewrite, much like #2 (the second freewrite i posted), was even more directly related to my own freewrite in that it talked about despair coming from the arrival of the Lord of the Nazgul and hope arising when he is slain by characters that were insignificant to the story up until that point. Not only did it agree with my view of hope coming from despair to give victory to the good guys, it also talked about Tolkien's constant theme of the significance of the seemingly insignificant. Generally, the things in the story that are seemingly insignificant add great importance later (and serve as excellent examples of foreshadowin as well). Many evens (such as those that turn the tides of a battle in the favor of the good side and reestablish hope) come from actions taken by a character who had little or no importance up until that point.

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